Zeg Trivia

S1E11 Zeg happy to be freed


  • Zeg often speaks like a caveman (eg. "Me love being cool!")
    • Zeg also appears to speak in third person (saying his name instead of "me").
  • It's been implied a couple times in the series that Zeg came from an egg. In Zeg and the Egg, an egg hatches into a baby Truckodactyl.
  • Zeg is the sixth Monster Machine other than Blaze to sing something, as shown in Zeg and the Egg as he sings a lullaby to the Truckodactyl egg.
    • The first was Darington.
    • The second was Crusher.
    • The third was Starla.
    • The fourth was Pickle.
    • The fifth was Stripes.
  • Zeg is the second character to sing a STEM song with Blaze and AJ, Wedge in Zeg and the Egg.
  • Zeg has his own leitmotif that plays whenever he appears, consisting of a prehistoric theme with bongos and a marimba.
  • Zeg and Blaze are the only main characters to have one-syllable names.
  • Zeg is the third Monster Machine whose home was shown after Stripes and Starla.
  • He and Darington are the only Monster Machines who don't earn badges in Truck Rangers.