Character Info

Vital statistics
Position Racer
Gender Male
Age Adult
Status Alive
Personal Information
Powers/Abilities Speed

Likes Smashing, racing, game "Geyser Blast"
Dislikes Swimming
Friends/Allies Blaze, AJ, Gabby, Starla, Darington, Stripes
Rivals/Enemies Crusher
Voice Actors
US: James Patrick Stuart
UK: Unknown

Part monster machine, part triceratops, Zeg is Blaze's best prehistoric pal. Zeg's favorite activities are smashing and bashing. But despite his brute tendencies, inside Zeg is a big softy with a gentle demeanor and a loveable laugh.


Zeg loves to smash since he's a loveable dinosaur truck


According to the Nick Jr site, Zeg is half-monster truck, half-Triceratops. At first, Zeg could have been built look like Triceratops, since it's impossible for a monster truck and a dinosaur to have offspring mainly because dinosaurs are extinct. However, later on, there has been some evidence that Zeg came from an egg, like for example, "Zeg and the Egg" an egg hatched to into a baby truckodactyl. Thus it's further implied that, Monster Machines are born, not built.

He is yellowish-green in color, with parts of turquoise. He dons two horns on his hood, and exhaust pipes that resemble horns on his side. He also has a tail, and tires with a rocky pattern and turquoise rims.


  • "Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegg!"
  • "That bad."
  • "What that?"
  • "Zeg can't stop bouncing!" (From "The Bouncy Tires")
  • "Oh goodie!"

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