S3E16 Ship spinning in circles
Episode: Race for the Golden Treasure
Written by: Matthew Tishler
Performer(s): Blaze (Nolan North)
AJ (Reed L. Shannon)
Length: 0:48
Key signature: G major

Vortex is the STEM song from the episode Race for the Golden Treasure. It is sung by Blaze and AJ, and plays during the scene where Blaze, Pegwheel and his crew observe various vortex techniques after obtaining the blue sapphire key.


Blaze: Water spinnin' down the bathtub drain, yeah
Look how it's spiralin' do-own (Look how it's spiralin' do-own)
Whirlpools and water spouts swirl
Tornadoes twist aro-ound
Blaze, AJ: Around they go, go, go!

When fluid spins round and round and round
Oh, it's a vortex, vortex
When fluid spirals down
You've got a vortex, vortex (Hey!)

AJ: Made of fluids like air and water (Ho!)
Circling round and ro-ound
Blaze, AJ: When fluid spins round and round and round
It's a vortex!

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