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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is High school graduate
  • I am Female
  • Spike Angel

    I mean, we were all inspired by somebody and Blaze is no exception so I'd love to see the racer that inspired him.

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  • Spike Angel

    Personally, I'd like to see the Monster Machines as humans.

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  • Spike Angel

    I say this because:

    • The only time he actually got mad at Crusher was in Stuntmania!
    • Zeg hugged Blaze WAY too tight in Truckball Team-Up, (you can even hear in his voice that he was struggling to breathe) yet says NOTHING.
    • Another example was in Blaze of Glory when Stripes hugged Blaze as a thank you for saving him. Notice how he didn't talk until Stripes let go? Too tight.
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  • Spike Angel
    • Darington: Would burn cereal if it was scientifically possible 
    • Blaze: Chef Ramsay 
    • Zeg: VERY basic (making a sandwich, pouring cereal, using a microwave) 
    • Starla: Very good, with a specialty in southern comfort food. 
    • Watts: ??
    • Crusher: Average
    • Pickle: ??
    • AJ: ??
    • Gabby: Basic, but more than Zeg. (Grilled cheese, mac and cheese, etc)
    • Stripes: ??
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  • Spike Angel

    I don't say this in the sense that he'd be too scared; I say this cause he'd probably be constantly face-palming from the dumb decisions horror movie characters make:

    • "Sure, I'll buy this house that 7 families were slaughtered in!"
    • "I need to run from the killer! Quick, into a room with no means of escape!"
    • "I just heard a baby laughing in ny attic? I'm not a parent and my house doesn't even /have/ an attic? Meh, probably nothing."

    And many more. -_-

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