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    Headcanons: Handwriting

    November 26, 2018 by Spike Angel
    • Blaze:
    • AJ:
    • Gabby:
    • Starla:
    • Zeg:
    • stripes: all caps
    • Darington: chicken scratch
    • Watts:
    • Crusher:
    • Pickle:
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    The stars twinkled brightly in the night sky as 4 Monster Machines and two humans slept peacefully. One Monster Machine was still awake, with only one thought in his mind: 

    Life just wasn't fair sometimes.

    Blaze was familiar with this universal truth despite his racing career directly contradicting it. Still, that didn't mean life had to be downright cruel. What had he done to deserve this? What had his PARENTS done to deserve this? 

    It wouldn't surprise Blaze if he learned that Crusher was behind this. Sure, at best, Crusher was nothing more than a spoiled brat who threw tantrums when he didn't get his way, and his inventions were nuisances, but that didn't mean he was incapable of orchestrating a kidnapping, using a bakery robbery as a dist…

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    My favourite is the robot and my least is the pogo stick from Runaway Rocket.

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    Lets face it, there are a million directions this movie could take:

    • Blaze's backstory and how he met AJ
      • Same with Crusher and how he met Pickle
    • How the racers met each other
    • Answers as to where all the humans are and why there are still dinosaurs

    And MANY more.

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    October 29, 2018 by Spike Angel
    • Zeg can rap.
      • This is because Darington introduced him to rap music when he first came to Axel City.
    • Darington still plays with toys.
      • Crusher caught him once, and hasn't let him live it down.
    • Darington has been speaking chicken since he was 5 years old.
    • Blaze wore braces in his teens, and sleeps with a retainer today.
      • This explains why he often smiles with his teeth showing.
    • AJ lived in Axel City before Blaze.
      • This is why he easily recognized the city in Blaze of Glory.
    • Crusher still tells Yo Mama jokes.
      • Blaze finds them immature.
    • Blaze didn't discover his Blazing Speed or his transformation powers until he was 13.
    • Blaze met AJ when he was 17.

    Starla met Zeg when one of her barn animals went loose and she chased it into Dinosaur Valley.

    • Stripes has been …
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