Character Info

Blaze and the Monster Machines Background Trucks
Vital statistics
Position Residents of Axle City
Gender Male and female
Age Various
Status Alive
Personal Information
Powers/Abilities Unknown

Likes Watching races
Dislikes Cheaters (especially Crusher)
Friends/Allies Unknown
Rivals/Enemies Unknown
Voice Actors
US: Unknown
UK: Unknown

The trucks are minor characters in Blaze and the Monster Machines.


The trucks are background characters appearing in many episodes of the series. They generally appear as cameos and rarely have speaking roles. Unlike many of the main characters, they are not all monster trucks Also, the Trucks are never seen taking part in the races, they are just spectators.


The background trucks' physical appearances vary. The majority of them are average-sized vehicles with large wheels.

Main Characters
Recurring Characters
Bump BumpermanGusJoe
Minor Characters
Bighorn TrucksDebrisGasquatchRudyTrucksBighorns

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