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I'm gonna need my tools.
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It is Halloween night. Trucks are driving around, wearing costumes and carrying buckets of candy. Blaze enters, dressed as a knight.
AJ Yeah-hah-hah-hah!
Blaze Whoooo-hoo!
Blaze lands to greet the viewer.
Blaze (to the viewer:) Hey, It's me, Blaze. But tonight, you can call me...Sir Blaze the Knight.
AJ dramatically flips off Blaze; he is dressed as a superhero.
AJ Dun da-da-daaaa! And I'm AJ, the amazing superhero!
Blaze We're wearing these costumes because tonight is Halloween!
AJ Yeah! And on Halloween, people give you candy.
They show their buckets of candy.
Blaze It’s called "truck-or-treating". Come on, we'll show you how it works.
They arrive at the Axle City Garage which is all decked out.
Blaze First, you ring someone's doorbell.
AJ This is Gabby's doorbell. (rings it)
Blaze Then, you wait for the door to open.
The door opens.
Blaze Now, say "Truck or treat!"
Gabby comes out dressed as a lion.
Blaze and AJ Truck or treat!
Gabby Hi, guys! Happy Halloween!
Blaze Happy Halloween, Gabby!
AJ Cool lion costume.
Gabby Thanks. Now, let's see... (gives them candy) Here’s some candy for you, Sir Blaze. And for you, Super AJ.
Blaze Thanks, Gabby!
AJ Happy Halloween! (boards Blaze)
Gabby Goodbye! Happy Halloween!
Blaze drives down a street.
Blaze Check it out. We’ve gotten so much candy tonight.
Starla Yee-haw!
Zeg Oohhoohoohoo!
Darington Yeah-heh!
Here come their friends; Zeg is a king, Starla a witch, Stripes a pirate, and Darington an octopus.
AJ Look! All our friends are truck-or-treating, too!
They join Blaze.
Blaze Hey, guys! Nice costumes!
Starla Hocus pocus, y'all! I'm a witch!
Zeg Zeg king! Heeheeheeheehee!
Stripes Ahoy, mateys!
Blaze (to the viewer:) What's Stripes dressed as?
Viewer responds "A pirate."
Blaze A pirate, yeah!
Stripes Rarrr!
Darington And I'm Darington, the octopus! (jumps in front of a light and sees his shadow on a building) Ooh, and look at that guy. He's got a costume that looks just like mine! Hey there, mister! Lookin' good!
Blaze Darington, that's not someone in a costume. That's your shadow.
Zeg Shadow? What that?
AJ Come on, Blaze, let's show 'em!
Blaze (drives into position) Check it out.
He shines his foglights onto a building, and AJ walks in front of it.
Blaze My light's shining on that wall, but when AJ gets in front of the light, his body blocks some of it. And the part where light can't shine looks dark. That's a shadow.
AJ And when I move my body, I can change my shadow. Watch this...
He strikes a pose and his shadow changes, mimicing that of a creepy-looking bat.
Blaze and Zeg Whoa!/Oooooh!
Starla You made your shadow look like a big, spooky bat!
Stripes Rawwr! That's so cool! I wanna make shadows!
Darington Ooh, me too!
They put their candy down.
Zeg You stay here, candy. Zeg going to make shadows.
He puts his candy down; Starla is making a shadow.
Starla Ooooooooh!!!
Stripes Ha ha ha ha!
Darington Heh, how cool!
Stripes Nice one!
Starla Heh heh!
Now Stripes makes a shadow.
Stripes Heeheeheeheehee!
Darington and Starla (laugh)
Zeg makes a shadow next.
Zeg (laughs)
Monster Machines (laugh)
Elsewhere, Crusher and Pickle are driving; Pickle is dressed as a banana while Crusher doesn't wear anything.
Pickle (sings:) I love-love Hallowee-wee-ween-ween!
Crusher Pssh! I don't get it. What's so special about Halloween?
Pickle Crusher, Halloween is the best! You get to wear a costume...and you get to stay out late...and you get candy!
Crusher Whoa whoa whoa, wait. You get candy?
Pickle Sure! Lots of candy! I mean, just look at all the candy Blaze and his friends got.
He points toward the candy Blaze and the others left unattended. Crusher and Pickle watch from behind some hay.
Crusher Ooh...Pickle, I want that candy!! And I know just how to get it!
Pickle (gasps) Are you gonna go truck-or-treating?
Crusher Nope, I'm gonna go truck-or-cheating!
His bag opens and releases parts which assemble into a strange-looking vacuum device.
Crusher (snickers) Isn't it great, Pickle? I made the world's first...Halloween Candy Stealer!
It starts sucking up the candy.
Crusher (snickers) Oh, yeah! Don't stop, candy stealer! I want more candy!
It sucks up more candy; now it's half-full.
Crusher Okay, candy stealer, you can stop now...stop, candy stealer...stop! STOOOOOP!!!
Crusher and Pickle (scream)
They run for cover just as the candy stealer gets so full it explodes and launches the candy far away which gets Blaze, AJ and the Monster Machines' attention.
Zeg Ooooh. What that?
Their candy is flying far away.
Starla (gasps) Look, y'all! Our candy's flyin' away!
Crusher starts charging after it with Pickle following.
AJ And there's Crusher! He's trying to get it!
Darington But that's our candy!
Stripes We worked really hard, truck-or-treating to get it!
Zeg What we do, Blaze?
Blaze We've gotta hurry and get our candy back before Crusher takes it! AJ, gimmie some speed! (helps AJ on)
AJ You got it!
They set off.
Starla Yee-haw! Whoo-hoo-hoo!
Stripes Yeah, let's do it!
They speed through the town; travel song starts.

Come on, let's hit the road
Get ready, here we go (Here we go!)
One, two, three, Let's Blaze!
Let's Blaze!

Come on and follow me (AJ: Woo-hoo!)
G-g-give me some speed (Yeah!)
One, two, three, Let's Blaze!
Let's Blaze!

One, two, three and four
Kick the petal to the floor
Seven, eight, Let's Blaze!

Song ends; they enter a foggy forest.
Zeg Candy!
Stripes Candy!
Starla Yoo-hoo! Candy!

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