S3E15 Torque on Blaze's steering wheel
Episode: Tow Truck Tough
Written by: Scott Krippayne
Michael "Smidi" Smith
Produced by: Michael "Smidi" Smith
Performer(s): Blaze (Nolan North)
AJ (Reed L. Shannon)
Length: 0:50
Key signature: A major

Torque is the STEM song from the episode Tow Truck Tough. It is sung by Blaze and AJ, and it plays as Blaze demonstrates different torque methods after saving a family of pandas from a river.


Blaze, AJ: Torque is turning strength
Torque is turning strength

AJ: Well, when you twist and turn it (Oh, whoa-oh)
Blaze: Then you tight and you loosen (Oh, whoa-oh, oh)
AJ: Well, when you spin and steer it (Oh, whoa-oh)
Blaze: How much strength are you're usin'? (Oh, whoa-oh, oh)

Blaze, AJ: Torque is turning strength
The force you'll need to twist, turn, spin or crank
Torque, the turning strength you use
To open a jar, loosen a valve, or steer a car

Torque is turning strength
The force you'll need to twist, turn, spin or crank
Torque is turning strength

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