Becky Jacketblack announces how many miles the race is. She announces that there is one more racer headed to the starting point, Blaze as a race car. Crusher says he's here to win. He says that he is a future winner. Race Car Crusher cheats by making a giant coconut blaster to stop Blaze, Fender, Dash, and Rally. Blaze turns himself into a hydraulic cutter to smash those coconuts. Race Car Pickle brings Race Car Crusher a snack after he gets tired a little bit during the race. They see a sign that tells them that they have gone 50 miles in the race. Blaze turns into a hydraulic chopper. Crusher pushes the red button that makes the track fall apart and break. Gabby and Swoops come in to help fix the track and another sign tells them they have gone 75 miles. they have 25 miles left in the race. Race Car Pickle brings Race Car Crusher another snack. Blaze and his race car friends have gone 99 miles and they are only 1 mile away from the finish line. Crusher builds a trapping spider to trap Blaze and his new race car friends in the webs to block the way out. When Crusher is an inch away from the finish line they pass him and it calls a photofinish. Blaze and his friends celebrate by chanting Blaze's name. In the end, Race Car Pickle brings Race Car Crusher one more snack after the Hundred Mile Race. He says it goes great with the first snack at the beginning of the race.

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