The Bouncy Tires
Blaze and the Monster Machines The Bouncy Tires
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode Information
Original Air Date
October 22, 2014
Written by Kevin Del Aguila
Directed by Daniel Ife, Miguel Martinez-Joffre
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"Tool Duel" "Epic Sail"

"The Bouncy Tires" is the 4th episode in Season 1 of Blaze and the Monster Machines. It premiered on October 22, 2014 in the US.


Zeg the Dinosaur Truck accidentally dons a set of super bouncy tires, causing him to bounce out of control.


The episode begins at the Axle City Garage and Blaze, AJ and Gabby are seen with some crates. They all introduce themselves to the viewers. Gabby said she got herself delivered with some tires called Silly Tires. The first set of silly tires comes out and they all dance and the tires are known as Dancing Tires. The second set emerges from its crate and they smell pretty funny and they are known as Stinky Tires. Another set comes out, this time they are covered with feathers, started clucking and running around. They are called Chicken Tires. Before they can get to see the last set of silly tires, the trio heard Zeg couldn't go any further. His tires didn't looked good. Blaze asked him why he can't drive fast. Zeg then tells him that he needed new tires. Blaze then tows Zeg into the garage. Gabby asks Zeg when is the last time he changed his tires. Zeg then tells a pun to her that he last changed his tires since the Stone Age. The trio then starts to look for new tires. The last set of silly tires comes out and they bounce around a lot. Zeg was thinking that he was going to use them. Blaze, AJ and Gabby then found some new tires for Zeg, but unfortunately, the latter donned the bouncing tires. Worse, Gabby told the two that the Bouncy Tires are the silliest tires of them all. Zeg wishes that he could stop, but the tires bounce non-stop. He then started to cause chaos because of the tires, and it's up to Blaze and AJ to stop Zeg from bouncing a lot too much before he could go into any trouble. Before that, Blaze must use his speed boosters and use blazing speed in order to catch up with Zeg. The two then decided to formulate a plan with the use of adhesion. It refers to two different objects sticking to each other. They then need to find something sticky to stop the tires. AJ sees Darington sticking a poster of him on a wall using tape. Darington then offers the two his roll of tape to be used to stop Zeg, but it didn't work. It looks like the two will have to find something stickier than tape. Zeg is seen bouncing straight to the Egg Factory and the two will have to catch up to him before he could make a huge mess. Zeg starts bouncing into the factory, almost flattening anyone, especially eggs. He then accidentally presses the button on the giant egg dropper, and AJ will have to use his visor to figure out how long will the egg dropper takes to drop the giant egg, and it's going to drop it after 10 seconds. AJ then tells the viewers to countdown from 10 and catch the egg before it hits the floor. Zeg is still bouncing around with the bouncy tires and starts making a mess along the way. Blaze and AJ will still have to catch up to him. They decided to use glue as another attempt in adhesion. They gave it a try, but to no avail, since the tires are too bouncy to be stuck into glue. They're close into stopping the tires, though. Meanwhile, a line of traffic is seen nearby, and Crusher and Pickle are at the back. Pickle explains how long the traffic is, with Crusher complaining that he doesn't like to wait. Zeg started to bounce over traffic. Pickle describes how amazing the tires are while Crusher complains that how Zeg managed to get bouncy tires. The two decided to overtake traffic and try to catch up to Zeg. Blaze shows up behind the two, and Crusher thinks Blaze is going to take the tires away. Blaze explains that he's not supposed to get those tires since they might cause trouble, but Crusher refuses to believe him. He decided to stop him by unleashing 10 super itchy robots and then Crusher will try to take the tires from Zeg without anyone stopping him. Blaze then realizes how itchy the robots are. A few moments later, Starla shows up. She then decided to tell Blaze that in order to get rid of the robots, he must jump around, Western style. Blaze does so, and he must get rid of all 10 robots. Once done so, the two continue to pursue Zeg and stop him from causing a huge mess. Crusher and Pickle are still going after Zeg. Crusher tries to stop him using his tow hook, but since the bouncy tires are so bouncy, Crusher started to bounce too. Pickle does the same thing when he tried to get Crusher down. This causes the two to slam into cans of paint, with the paint spilling on them. Zeg continued to bounce some more, causing some mess along the way. What's worse than that, he is about to crash towards the bakery and leave nothing but a gigantic mess. Blaze and AJ had their final chance to use adhesion. Blaze then gets an idea. He explains that concrete is extremely sticky and believes that it can be used to stop the bouncy tires. AJ also explains that a cement mixer will work. After getting the sufficient parts, Blaze becomes a cement mixer. Zeg is getting closer to the bakery, but luckily Blaze was able to pour the cement. The cement finally stops the bouncy tires, thus saving Zeg and the bakery as well. Blaze tells Zeg that they should go back to the garage and replace his tires with new ones. Gabby then replaces the bouncy tires with new tires that look exactly like the old ones Zeg had before. Zeg gives it a try, and he stopped bouncing. AJ asks Blaze what are they going to do with the bouncy tires. Blaze decided to tell Reese that she could recycle the bouncy tires. Blaze is finally relieved that no one will need those tires ever again. Meanwhile, Crusher is still complaining that he wants bouncy tires too, but Pickle responds that he doesn't need them so that he won't bounce like crazy. He then started to act the same way as Zeg does when the latter still had the tires, only causing him to knock another stack of paint cans in the process. Pickle seems to enjoy it, but Crusher doesn't. Pickle happily plays in the paint as the episode ends by fading out on him.


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