Character Info

Vital statistics
Position Racer
Gender Male
Age Adult (possibly)
Status Alive
Personal Information
Powers/Abilities Tiger claws and strong sense of smell

Likes Blaze, animals, his jungle horn
Dislikes Crusher
Friends/Allies Blaze, AJ, Gabby, Darington, Zeg,
Rivals/Enemies Crusher
Voice Actors
US: Sunil Malhotra
UK: Unknown

Stripes is an impetuous tiger truck who's always ready for action. With a signature growl, he leaps and pounces like a cat, and he's great at jumping and climbing. He has tiger claws that help him to climb trees (or just about anything), as well as super senses, especially his sense of smell.


Coming soon.


Stripes, like most characters, is a monster truck. His physical appearance slightly resembles a Jeep Wrangler. His paintjob is supposed to resemble a tiger, being orange with random purple stripes. He has a white front bumper with two black stripes on each side (to resemble whiskers.) His tires have a zig-zag design, and are orange on the rims.

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