Starla Trivia

S1E18 Starla "Hang onto your hubcaps"


  • Starla is the third Monster Machine introduced after Blaze and Stripes. She is also the last Monster Machine Blaze had to rescue in Blaze of Glory.
  • In Blaze of Glory, she is weighed as 12 unknown units of measurement. This is equal to the sum of a chair (4 units) a big hardcover book (3 units) a big can of beans (5 units).
  • She is shown without her hat in Race to the Top of the World, where she lets out a frog from underneath.
  • Starla's horn sound is a high A tone.
  • Starla is the third Monster Machine other than Blaze to sing something; she sang in Blaze of Glory when trapped in the hole, in The Driving Force when calling Blaze about how she felt without her piston, and in Cattle Drive while riding with Blaze, AJ and the cows down the river.
    • The first was Darington.
    • The second was Crusher.
    • The fourth is Pickle.
    • The fifth is Stripes.
    • The sixth is Zeg.
  • Starla is the second Monster Machine to have her home introduced after Stripes.
  • She and Watts are the only Monster Machines who haven’t gotten dizzy yet.
  • Starla has a leitmotif whenever she appears, consisting of country/western music.
  • Season 3 saw Starla's fewest appearances, only appearing five times. In Season 4, she doesn't appear until Robots to the Rescue. She shares this with Darington and Zeg, though Stripes had the second fewest appearances at six.


  • S3E10 onward:
    • Her paintwork became more vibrant and reflective.
    • Her hat and front bumper became silver.
    • Her taillights were remove for unknown reasons.