Character Info

Vital statistics
Position Crusher's sidekick
Gender Male
Status Alive
Personal Information
Powers/Abilities Unknown

Likes Being around Crusher, Blaze, eating
Dislikes Crusher, cheating
Friends/Allies Unknown
Rivals/Enemies Unknown
Voice Actors
US: Nat Faxon
UK: Unknown

Pickle is Crusher's over-enthusiastic, under-appreciated sidekick. He is a mini monster truck whose job is to try to be the voice of Crusher's conscience. Unfortunately, his good advice usually falls on deaf wheels. But through it all, Pickle is always there for his pal Crusher--especially when plans go awry and Crusher gets his inevitable comeuppance. (P.S. Pickle is a huge Blaze fan--on the sly.)


Coming soon.


Pickle is a miniature version of a monster truck. In fact, his appearance is more of a car than a monster truck. Pickle's design is very simple: All-around green in color, with a seed pattern. His tires have a wiggly line design.

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