Blaze and his friends are having a special nighttime race, even though it's dark outside. A light thief appears by trying to steal all the lights in Axle City. Blaze cannot see when it it dark outside, so Gabby gives Blaze special speed lights to make Blaze a light rider and he can eliminate the dark. Blaze enters a dark tunnel with lots of night chickens. Blaze shines his lights through the journey. Pickle uses his flashlight to see in the dark to find a penny, a flower, and Crusher. Crusher didn't use a flashlight to see in the dark. The light thief steals more lights from Axle City to make it dark again so a watermelon juggler can't see either. The Light Thief bounces to turn on those cranes to trap Blaze, so she can get away. Blaze turns himself into a laser to chop through pipes. Pickle uses his flashlight again to find 2 trees and a mailbox. The light thief appears at the carnival to steal more lights from Axle City. Gabby repair speed lights for Blaze's friends so they can find the light thief together. Blaze bumps a barrel to catch the light thief and stop her. Blaze asks what she did for stealing all the lights in Axle City. Blaze puts all the lights back where they belong by using his blazing speed. He turns off the lights, so they can race in the dark because they have speed lights. Blaze and his friends continue the special nighttime race because they are all Light Riders.

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