In the beginning,Blaze and Crusher are having a race to see who's the fastest truck. The knight trucks appear in special suits of armor. When Crusher cheats in the Royal Race, he uses the drawbridge to lock it up tight, but he had the key, so Sir Blaze catches it and uses potential energy to unlock the drawbridge. Then, Sir Crusher cheats again by using lots and lots of barrels to trap the knight trucks. Suddenly there are fiery robot dragons in the racers' way and they cannot get past them unless Blaze uses water balloons and a catapult. When Crusher is almost at the finish line he uses a mudball to stop Sir Blaze from winning again. Sir Blaze uses his shield to block Crusher's mudball, pass Sir Crusher and win the Royal Race. The king awards Sir Blaze with the golden sword trophy and they eat some cake, so Blaze cuts the cake and Crusher whines and cries that he got beaten by Sir Blaze.

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