Character Info

Blaze and the Monster Machines Background Trucks
Gasquatch, as seen among a few other trucks.
Vital statistics
Position Mud truck
Gender Male
Age Adult's age
Status Alive
Personal Information
Powers/Abilities Unknown

Likes Mud
Dislikes Not having visitors
Friends/Allies His visitors, Blaze, AJ, Gabby, Starla, Zeg, Stripes, Darington Crusher, Pickle.
Rivals/Enemies Unknown
Voice Actors
US: Frank Welker
UK: Unknown

Gasquatch is Axle City's greatest mud hero and the champion of the mud. He's an mud truck with explosive power thanks to his mud things!


Coming soon.


Gasquatch is a large mud truck. He has a mud mustache, 1000 spotlights and goat feathers.  


  • "I love mud!"
  • A mudfest? What fun!

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