S3E11 Blaze showing his talons
Episode: Falcon Quest
Written by: Scott Krippayne
Michael "Smidi" Smith
Produced by: Michael "Smidi" Smith
Performer(s): Blaze (Nolan North)
AJ (Reed L. Shannon)
Length: 0:43
Key signature: D major

Falcons is the STEM song from the episode Falcon Quest. It is sung by Blaze and AJ, and plays during the scene where Falcon Blaze is trying out his falcon powers after avoiding pincher plants in a cave. It is also the first STEM song used in a "Wild Wheels" episode.


Blaze, AJ: Falcons, falcons
The world's fastest animals

Blaze: With bodies shaped to make them fly fast (Yup!)
And talons powerful, a strong grasp (Oh, yeah!)
AJ: Eyesight, both sharp and clear
Tail feathers help them steer
Falcons can go, go, go, go!

Blaze, AJ: Whoa-oh, yea-ah!
Just watch a falcon fly, soarin' cross the sky
Tucked in a speedy dive, the fastest bird alive
Whoa-oh, yea-ah!

Falcons, falcons
The world's fastest animals
Falcons, falcons

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