Character Info

Vital statistics
Position Racer, stunt rider
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Personal Information
Powers/Abilities Tricks, speed

Likes Doing tricks, Blaze
Dislikes Crusher
Friends/Allies Blaze, Starla, Gabby, AJ, Stripes, Zeg.
Rivals/Enemies Crusher
Voice Actors
US: Alexander Polinsky
UK: Unknown

Darington is the ultimate showman. He loves to dazzle with his amazing tricks and stunts… even though he rarely sticks the landing. Despite being a bit unrealistic with what he can and can't do, Darington is a fearless competitor who never lets a few crashes stop him from dreaming big.


Coming soon.


Darington, like most characters, is a monster truck. He is dark blue with a white front bumper. His tires are blue and yellow, and has a star pattern on him.


  • "Daringtoooooooon!!"

Blaze Into STEM!

What's a Sound Wave?

Hear that? When Darington talks, his words turn into a sound wave that vibrates and moves through the air to carry the sound to your ear!

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