• Crusher was in fact, the only antagonist in the series, but there will be more antagonists soon.
  • He builds structures using different scrap parts, like the Giant Robot Chef in "The Jungle Horn", but no matter what, these structures are always being thwarted by Blaze. However, not all of them are thwarted, though. In the episode "Epic Sail", he makes a machine that creates waves. This structure wasn't thwarted, for example.
  • He seems to be afraid of Gasquatch until later in the episode of the same name.
  • Whenever Pickle explains something, Crusher will always just ignore it, believing he might have another way to stop Blaze, but it always lead him into trouble.
  • Because of Crusher's cheating habits and always expressing improper behavior, he may be in fact the worst racer in Axle City.

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