This is a list of all of Crusher's Inventions sorted by episode.

Season 1

Episode Invention(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
Blaze of Glory

Trouble Bubble WandS1E1-2 Crusher starts making Trouble Bubbles

Traps the Monster Machines in bubbles and carries them far away. Blaze managed to find the Monster Machines and return them to the Monster Dome.

Mechanical MudslingerS1E1-2 Mudslinger starts flinging mud balls

Flings mud balls at the Monster Machines. Blaze transformed into a sprinkler and sprayed away the mud balls. He then sprays the mudslinger, destroying it.

Army of Robot KnightsS1E1-2 Robot knights marching on

Blocks the Monster Machines from returning to the Monster Dome. Blaze and his friends took away their shields, destroying them.
The Driving Force Bigfoot RobotS1E3 Blaze sees the bigfoot robot Chases after Blaze until it stomps on him. It slipped in water and disintegrates.

Giant Pineapple BlasterS1E3 Crusher and Pickle observe the pineapple blaster

Fires pineapples at Blaze to prevent him from reaching Starla's piston. Blaze knocked the pineapples away with his wrecking ball; the last one hit the machine and destroyed it.
Tool Duel

Robo Banana LauncherS1E4 Slippery banana launcher starts to fire

Launches giant bananas which makes Blaze slide down the hill. AJ steered Blaze past the falling bananas, and the machine eventually runs out.
Chomping Shark-Bot Chases after Blaze on the water. AJ gave the Shark-Bot a metal pipe to chomp on, and it malfunctions and self-destructs.
The Bouncy Tires

Itchy robotsS1E5 Blaze beginning to itch

Attach to Blaze, making him itchy and cannot continue on. Blaze shakes the robots off with help from Starla.
Epic Sail Wild Wave Maker Creates big waves out of the water to slow down Blaze's sailboat. Crusher sets the machine to maximum power, making a giant wave which strands both sailboats on an island.

Bouncy Boot MachineS1E7 Darington sees the bouncy boot machine

Kicks Darington out of the Monster Dome far away. It kicks Crusher and Pickle out as well. Blaze managed to find Darington and return to Stuntmania.
Earthquaker Maker Makes cracks in the earth to stop Blaze and AJ from returning to Stuntmania. Blaze and Darington accelerate fast enough to escape the cracks; the machine eventually falls into one of them and breaks.
The Jungle Horn Giant Robot ChefS1E8 Blaze and Stripes see the robot chef Blocks Blaze and Stripes from following after Crusher. Blaze stacked one of the robot chef's frying pans with giant waffles, making it unbalanced and self-destructs while flinging the waffles to Crusher.
The Team Truck Challenge Giant Cheese Ball Machine Launches giant cheese balls which roll down the hill and squish anything in its path. Blaze squishes the cheese balls and the machine, destroying it.
Truck Rangers Animal GrabberS1E14 Crusher about to use the animal grabber Used to grab a croaking cave frog. It grabs a skunk instead.
Giant trampolineS1E14 Crusher steps onto the trampoline machine Bounces to the top of a mountain without climbing it. Crusher makes it to the top, but is scared by a skunk and falls back down.
Robo-BearS1E14 Crusher "Listen to this" Obeys any command in song, and is used to steal the Super Bravery Badge. Blaze used his own music to counterattack Crusher's, returning the badge.
Runaway Rocket Whammer HammerS1E17 Crusher about to use the Whammer Hammer Used to cheat at the rocket game at the carnival. The hammer causes the rocket to malfunction, blasting it off of its post and carrying Crusher and Pickle away.
Dragon Island Duel Robo Bouncy Ball Traps Blaze in a ball and carries him away from the race, trapping him in a faraway cave. AJ managed to save Blaze.
Laser BugsS1E19 AJ encounters laser bugs Shoot lasers which cut through anything, blocking AJ. AJ uses a mirror to deflect the lasers at the bugs, destroying them.

Season 2

Episode Invention(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
Truck or Treat! Halloween Candy Stealer Steals the candy of Blaze and his friends. It malfunctioned and sent the canfy flying. Blaze and the gang tracked down their candy, then scared Crusher with a shadow from AJ and they got it back.
Robo-Pumpkin Launcher Fires pumpkins at the Monster Machines, stopping them from reaching the candy. Blaze turned into a recriprocating saw and sliced the pumpkins in half. He finally sliced the machine, destroying it.
Race to the Top of the World Wild Whirlwind Machine Engulfs the Monster Machines in a tornado, carrying them away from the Race to the Top of the World to a faraway field. Blaze and his friends managed to return to the race.
Knight Riders Fiery Robot DragonsS2E7 Last dragon self-destructs Blocks Blaze and the knight trucks from following him to the finish. Blaze launched water balls at them, destroying them.
Five Alarm Blaze Ice Cream Scooper MachineS2E11 Crusher happy to get ice cream Makes ice cream for Crusher to cheer him up after losing the race against Blaze. Crusher repeatedly pressed the scooper lever, causing it to malfunction and launch giant ice cream scoops everywhere. Blaze later sprayed it with water, destroying it.
Rocket Ski Rescue Rocket SkisS2E14 Crusher still zooming out of control Used to cheat in the big race. The skis malfunctioned and carried Crusher all over town. Grammy later stopped them with a knitted rope, destroying them.
Race to Eagle Rock Slippery Slime Blasters Blasts slime to stop Blaze and his friends. Blaze threw pinecones at them, destroying them.
Sky Track Giant Robo-Cloud Tries to make it rain after refusing to stand under Pickle's small rain cloud in VelocityVille. The Robo-Cloud repeatedly rained various foods instead.
Pickle Power Auto-Vac Used to suck up the trash after making a mess following an accident at the big loop-de-loop. The Auto-Vac sucked up everything in its path, even Crusher. Blaze and Pickle then pressed the three power buttons to turn it off, and flipped the reverse switch to return everything it sucked up.

Season 3

Episode Invention(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
The Polar Derby Abomable Blaster Fires balls of snow, cheese, chocolate and steel at Blaze and his friends. Blaze transformed into a heat cannon and melted them. Zeg later smashed the machine.
Super Sun Machine Melts the ice bridge so Blaze and his friends cannot cross. Blaze and his friends managed to cross the bridge before time ran out.
Catch That Cake! Flying Robo-PlateS3E5 Cake flies over a pile of metal pipes Steal Darington's birthday cake, thinking it's for him. The plate flew away and Blaze took the cake back.
Bumper Bots Bumps Blaze and AJ away to stop them from following Crusher. Blaze used his kinetic energy to bump the Bumper Bots away.
Super Slippery Ice Machine Freezes the ground so Blaze cannot drive on it. Blaze had a bunch of bighorns bump him across the ice.
Falcon Quest Super Sneaking Stilts Walk up to the birdhouse so he can sample their food which he thinks is ice cream. He lost his balance and fell into the water, due to having no experience on stilts.
Ready, Set, Roar! Chompy the Chomper RobotS3E13 Chompy the Chomper Robot Chomps up the bridge so Blaze and Stripes cannot cross. Blaze and Stripes used their lion and tiger jumping power to jump the gaps. Chompy eventually self-destructs.
Twisty Tangler VinesS3E13 Twisty tangler vines start sprouting Traps Bam, Nelson and Bunk in vines so they can't continue on. Blaze and Stripes cut the vines with their lion and tiger claws.
Super Sleepy Lullaby MachineS3E13 Crusher presents the super sleepy lullaby macine Lulls the animals and Stripes into a deep sleep. Blaze used his lion roar to counteract the lullaby machine, destroying it and waking the others.
The Great Animal Crown Giant Robo-Octopus Blocks Blaze from following him to the crown. Blaze hooked things that float to its tentacles, and it was lifted to the surface.
Tow Truck Tough Tow truck crane Practices being a tow truck and tries to hook up to Pickle. He repeatedly hooked up to various other things.
Need for Blazing Speed Mud CoptersS3E17 Mud copters shooting mud Follows after Blaze and shoot mud balls, preventing him from reaching the Blazing Speed engine. Blaze launched coconuts at them, deactivating them.
Raceday Rescue Take Away Your Partner MachineS3E19 Machine makes a bubble Traps AJ and Gabby in a bubble and carries them away. Blaze and Watts managed to track down AJ and Gabby and rescue them.
Defeat the Cheat Cheating Cheat-apultS3E20 Crusher presents his Cheating Cheat-apult Blasts Crusher up to the top of a cliff during the second Team Truck Challenge. It doesn't even manage to get Crusher over the hill and flings him back to the ground.
Super Cheat-y Rocket PackS3E20 Crusher has to use the rocket pack Fly faster to the finish line. It malfunctions and flies him the wrong way.

Season 4

Episode Invention(s) Scheme Failure/Destruction
Robot Power Wrecking RobotsS4E3 Wrecking robots standing together Accidentally made without following the rules of robotics. Consists of a chomping robot, a throwing robot, and a blasting robot.

Chomping robot: Blaze gave it a metal pole, which it cannot chew and is destroyed.

Throwing robot: Blaze kicked a wooden plank back at it.

Blasting robot: Blaze plugged it up with a tire.

Power Tires Blasterbird

S4E10 Blasterbird laughing

Launches oil, cheese and ice at Blaze, causing him to slip. Blaze used his Power Tires' Groove, Paddle and Spike powers to get over the slippery surfaces; he then zooms past the blasterbird, making it fall apart.
Giant Robot BakerS4E10 Giant robot baker Shoots several desserts at Blaze Blaze used his Power Tires' Growing Power to squish the desserts coming his way; the jelly donut which was last squirted some jelly on the robot baker, destroying it.