Character Info

Vital statistics
Position Racer
Gender Male
Status Alive
Personal Information
Powers/Abilities Unknown

Likes Winning (obviously), Cheating, his toy truck "Little Trucky"
Dislikes Losing, Blaze, AJ, mud, Gasquatch (formerly), kissing
Friends/Allies Pickle, Gasquatch
Rivals/Enemies Blaze, Starla, AJ, Darington, Stripes, Zeg, Gasquatch (formerly)
Voice Actors
US: Kevin Michael Richardson
UK: Unknown

Crusher is Blaze's biggest rival, an egomaniacal tractor-trailer who will do anything to beat the other racers to the finish line. When it comes to winning, no cheat is too big, and no trick is too underhanded for Crusher.


Crusher is egomaniacal, rude, selfish, whiney and a cheat. But he does have some honor. For example, once he learned a cake he wanted to eat was Darington's birthday cake, he felt that he had no right to eat it even though he really wanted to.

Crusher resembles a large 18-wheeler cargo-truck, such as a Peterbilt 386 or a Kenworth T680. He has a large silver grille, and is blue in color. His tire design features lightning bolts on them. 


  • "It's not fair!"
  • "No, with cheating!"
  • "WHAT?!"
  • "Yuck!"
  • "BLAZE!!" (at some episodes)
  • "ME! ME!! ME!!" (in some episodes)

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