• Hilary James Lyall

    • This is Patrick and Patricia's first appearances.

    1. Shannon Chan Kent as Hilary
    2. Nolan North as Blaze
    3. Dusan Brown as AJ
    4. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    5. Lilly Bartlam as Jordan
    6. Sarah Gadon as Patricia
    7. Devan Cohen as Patrick

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    • The group (Jackson, Miguel, Gordon and Olivia) appeared in A Wet-Tastic Adventure.
    • Hilary wears her pigtails throughout the entire episode.

    1. Shannon Chan Kent as Hilary
    2. Nolan North as Blaze
    3. Dusan Brown as AJ
    4. Sunil Malhotra as Stripes
    5. Jay Schramek as Miguel
    6. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    7. Jaxon Mercey as Gordon
    8. Ava Preston as Olivia

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  • Puppylove1257

    "Good luck out there in the race, guys," Makayla said as she waved her new friend and his driver goodbye. Blaze looked at AJ, then smiled. "Hey, Makayla, how would you like to be in the race with us?" Makayla was stunned. She would get to be part of the episode! "Sure, Blaze! I'd love to!" She then said to herself, "Oh, man. This is the best day ever!"

    She got into Blaze's cab once more, this time with a little hop in her step. She pulled out her phone and she began to text her friend, Megan...


    Megan was finishing lunch when she got a text from Makayla. She looked at her phone, and the text read: 'Dear Megan, turn on Blaze and the Monster Machines on channel 221. I'll explain as much as I can later.'

    Megan was deeply conf…

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  • Puppylove1257

    I mean, every time I watch it, I have to hold my ears. He sings like he's got a frog in his throat.

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Guest Stars

    November 15, 2018 by Hilary James Lyall

    Sometimes there's some characters who guest starred them in these episodes.

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  • Happy2432

    Unfortunately, so far the episodes Robot Power and The Chicken Circus! have become glitchy on Halfway through the episode, it skips right to the last part, and these have not been fixed yet. Don’t get me wrong, the same happened with The Pickle Family Campout early this year.

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Gone Campin'

    November 11, 2018 by Hilary James Lyall

    1. Shannon Chan Kent as Hilary
    2. Katie Bergin as Kipper
    3. Nolan North as Blaze
    4. Ramone Hamilton as AJ
    5. Jayden Greig as Jackson
    6. Lilly Bartlam as Jordan
    7. Sarah Gadon as Patricia
    8. Devan Cohen as Patrick
    9. Kannon Kurowski as Billy
    10. Aden Schwartz as Kyle
    11. Christopher Schleicher as Samuel
    12. Taylor Autumn Bertman as Lexi
    13. Emma Shannon as Marissa
    14. Sanai Victoria as Tori
    15. Nicole Moorea Sherman as Felicity

    (The episode starts off with the kids having fun.)

    • All: (Laughing and Cheering).

    (The gate opened and Kipper peeked out.)

    • All: "Huh."

    (Hilary peeks out of the gate and enters the park.)

    • All: "Hi Hilary."
    • Hilary: "Hi guys."
    • Kipper: "Having fun are ya."
    • Felicity: "We were until you showed up. So let's go have some fun."
    • All: "Yeah. Good idea. Let's go."

    (Song: The Having Fun Song.)

    (Song ends.) …

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  • Hilary James Lyall
    • Voice: "Another Adventures with Blaze and AJ exclusive."
    • AJ: "I wonder who lives in a place like this."
    • Voice: "It all began with a special saying."
    • Mermaid Coral: "We're having a welcome party."
    • Voice: "And now, you can join in on the fun. With the all new special; Animals Galore. Mermaid Coral is having a Welcome Party for her cousins and her friends are invited in this special video."
    • Mermaid Coral: "We are celebrating families everywhere."
    • Voice: "Which features many great experiences ever."
    • Hilary: "There's a lot to see."
    • Voice: "And when Hilary feels totally shy, she learns a lot of things like her first experiences of her life."
    • Hilary: "The thing is, Kipper. I've never learned how to roller skate before."
    • Voice: "The true meaning of confiden…
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  • Puppylove1257

    Turns out, the knights were going to be in a Royal Race, and the prize was a golden sword. Crusher fell in love with it. "Ohh, I want that trophy so bad. I gotta have that trophy!"

    "Hey, I have an idea, Crusher," Blaze said as he, Makayla and AJ stepped forward. "Let's you and me put on armor, and be knights. Then we can race too." Pickle nodded. "Oh, yeah! And if you win, you'll get the Golden Sword Trophy." Crusher laughed. "I'm gonna be a knight!" Makayla was indeed excited about this. "Come on. Let's suit up."

    Blaze stood perfectly still as he was fitted with armor. "Behold! I am. . . Sir Blaze!" Makayla loved his new outfit. Crusher thought he could do better. "Oh, yeah? Now it's my turn!" The armor flew on him quickly, and a big helmet…

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  • Puppylove1257

    Makayla then saw the cliff. "Whoa! Look out!"

    Blaze and Crusher then fell down the cliff. Blaze and Makayla were laughing and Crusher was screaming as his goofy sidekick, Pickle, joined them in the slide. Blaze then came to a stop at the bottom and let AJ and Makayla out. "Phew." At that second, Crusher came spinning up beside them, dizzy, with Pickle coming up from behind. "Whoa! Look over there!" AJ said, pointing to the distance. "It's a giant castle!" Makayla got super excited. Especially when the knight trucks appeared on the hill. "Wow!" she squealed. "Knights in shining armor!" exclaimed Pickle. "Come on," Blaze said to his friends. "Let's go check it out!"

    He, Makayla and AJ dashed off. They found the knights from before in an odl pe…

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