Blaze and the Monster Machines is an app where you can get to play as Blaze.

How to play

Today is Racing Day and Blaze & AJ are getting prepared. You can either swipe left or right or tilt side-to-side to steer Blaze during races. Avoid adhesion and collect tire chains to create traction.


  • The Badlands - Race against Starla & Crusher and avoid obstacles
  • Light Riders - Race Crusher & Pickle
  • Velocityville - Help Blaze overtake Crusher & Darington where these Monster Machines have transformed into race cars
  • The Race to the Top of the World - You'll never know what things appear on the road and defeat Zeg & Crusher
  • Dragon Island - Drive around stuff that will slow you down and beat Stripes & Crusher
  • The Snowy Slopes - Get ready for one cool race with Starla & Crusher
  • The Monster Dome - Help Blaze beat Starla & Crusher and avoid stuff like sticky hot fudge

Music in game


  • Trajectory (driving over ramps)
  • Adhesion (sticky stuff on the road)
  • Force (pushing or blasting through barrels, crates, etc.)
  • Traction (collecting tire chains)
  • Velocity (travelling fast in one direction)



  • AJ is voiced by Caleel Harris like he did in the second-third seasons.
  • The tracks, The Top of the World, VelocityVille, Dragon Island, and Light Riders are in-app purchases.
  • AJ does not speak in the first issue of this game, but he does for the others.


  • The first update had a problem. When Starla (or Stripes if you're on Dragon Island) crosses the finish line last, sometimes Bump Bumperman would swap their names around.

Force STEM

  • On Each Part of a race you will earn a Stem Using correct Stem Power.
  • Sometimes in a race you get POWER BOOST on Light Riders for stem.
  • Sometimes Crusher will hijack you during races.
  • Battle Race Mode is now new! Just .78 cents